Dave Meckin is a musician, sound designer and researcher whose fascination is how new technologies can transform musical experiences. His work spans audio production and software system programming as well as hardware design and manufacture, all with an end to creating engaging and responsive sonic environments. 

Being well versed in both creative and technical disciplines, Dave is equally at home using musical instruments and modern production techniques as he is with a soldering iron, code and computer aided design. 

Skill set:

Composition; Sound design; Audio production (Logic Pro).

MAX/MSP; SuperCollider; Java.

Arduino; mBed; Raspberry Pi; BeagleBone Black.

Eagle; Rhinoceros.

Consultancy; Research and development; Feasibility studies.


Sound Art Practice; Composition; Production with Logic Pro; MAX/MSP; SuperCollider; Processing; Arduino.

Dave is a graduate of the Media and Arts Technology Doctoral Training Centre at Queen Mary University of London. He currently lectures in Creative Technologies and Digital Media BSc at The University of the West of England, and has also lectured at University of Brighton teaching on the Digital Music and Sound Art BA course.