Neptun Art/Science Lab

Neptun Art/Science Lab is a physical and theoretical hub and project space, conceived to be at the intersection between Art and Science located at the Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum, North Norway. This project is a collaborative ini- tiative between Nordland Akademi for Kunst og Vitenskap and Museum Nord, supported by Arts Council Norway and Nordland County Council.

“Artists//Developers” consists of 6 collaborators; Dr Dave Meckin (UK), Dr Keir Williams (UK), Joe Fairweather Hole (UK), Alice Helps (UK), Clara Durán (ESP) and Rhiannon Evans (UK). The collective attempt to achieve engagement with the communities in which they are a part of through experimentation in the fields of performance and technology. The collective wishes to engage with the complexities of Melbu and Neptun within wider geo-political shi asking “How did we get here and where do we go now?” Through a collaboration with Camberwell College of Arts, the collective brought 2 students from the Fine Art Digital MA programme, and during the residency they became full members of the group.

Hadsel Kirk Bells

Description: When traveling to Hadsel Kirke, the eight sided church, we were all struck by the beauty of the building, its acoustic qualities and the surroundings. In response, this pieces uses the bells of the church, recorded during the visit, as the only source material. It was played in the Royal Neptun Hall, a large tank with a 20 second reverb, to explore the trans-location of space and place on Hadseløya. The bells are slowly transformed and manipulated using modern digital techniques. It begins with the larger bell, moves through exploring the textures of both bells together, then ends with the smaller bell.